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Jon Masters

Red Hat
Chief Arm Architect
Cambridge, MA, USA
Jon Masters is a Computer Architect specializing in high performance microarchitecture at Red Hat, where he is Chief Arm Architect, and works on cache coherent shared virtual memory workload acceleration, among many other topics. He also co-created the technical mitigation team for cache side channel attacks (Meltdown, Spectre, etc.).

Jon is Technical Lead for Red Hat Enterprise Linux for ARM and is deeply involved in the design and implementation of 64-bit ARMv8 Architecture (AArch64) servers, including architecture and platform standardization. He co-authored several of the core Arm server specs, co-founded industry collaborations (such as the Linaro Enterprise Group), and chairs the CCIX Software Working Group.

He has authored several well known books on Linux. Jon's goal in life is to constantly better himself, whether professionally or personally. He began a Computer Science degree at the age of 13, and has a keen interest in understanding all levels of computer architecture. His skills include a proficiency in various low-high level computer languages and a deep understanding of systems architecture, as well as applications software.

Jon has worked with computer microarchitecture teams to bring up new silicon, debugged issues with early microprocessor cores and SoCs, assisted in firmware development, created new Linux kernel capabilities, and lead the technical development of these and applications software features required for Enterprise/Cloud Operating Systems. He also has extensive experience working on Embedded Linux projects, including driving Linux OS development for a from-scratch SoC implementation on an cutting-edge FPGA platform.

In his personal time, Jon has won awards for singing, and can play several musical instruments. He enjoys very many hobbies, including running marathons, hiking, and sailing. Jon loves engaging with likeminded individuals and is motivated to leave the world a better place than he found it.

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